Opening up, with rueful undertones

The week just ending can be summed up in these three bullet points:

– The highs are extremely high
– The lows are awfully low
– I hate chickpeas.

Today I’m volunteering at an MBA Open Day, where they open up the business school to prospective MBAs. Amazingly, I realise I’ve only been here two months to the day – Warwick was the last of my MBA applications, almost an afterthought after receiving two great offers previously – and it’s only five months since I first saw the place. But today I’m on the other side of the Q&A session.

And being in this hot seat is harder than I thought. I’m here to answer their questions about being an MBA student, but I’m actually bursting to tell them EVERYTHING about WBS. The beautifully cool new Modernist building; the smarts of the cohort I already think of as family; the elegant way the course modules lock into each other conceptually; the sheer intensity of the experience, like the team party I attended last night and felt completely relaxed at for the first time in months. (Thanks, CR & co!)

But this isn’t what these guys need to know; they’ll learn this stuff after they enrol. Today they want reassurance that an MBA’s a good idea for them, how to fight their way through the thicket of electives, what POM is all about. I’m a resource, not a player. So I have to control myself, which is hard. (Cheerleading for Warwick would look suspicious, as if I’m being paid to be there, so I don’t.) But the experience is enjoyable: in the business school that’s a second home, chatting to people and maybe helping them, exchanging a couple of hours of study for a bit of people stuff.

After all, on balance I’m having a GREAT time; different to anything I’ve done before, radical highs and appalling lows, but rarely dull.

Hence the chickpeas.

They feed you at WBS events, and I stuffed myself. So all I’m having for dinner is a chickpea salad from CostGouger. One of those things you buy when you really can’t think of anything else. I HATE chickpeas. And even more, I hate life hitting a flat line, especially after a week of wonderful highs (the Heronbank dinner) and black lows (Wednesday night, just before I took Thursday off feeling sick as a dog.)

Tonight I’m in my room, studying fitfully, eating a REALLY DULL DINNER and generally feeling bored out of my skull. This isn’t what life should be about. Especially MY life.

But at least I learned one important fact about WBS. Above the front entrance of the building is a circular outcrop on the first floor, one of those little architectural oddities that adds a little spice, and I’ve often wondered what was in it. The Q&A session today took place inside it, and I learned it’s the Dean’s private meeting room. Totally circular, kitted out in blue, it’s a room designed to impress, and it does. Cool.

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