The four food groups

I’m starting to like working evenings at WBS. The building’s so fit-for-purpose it makes my heart soar, and the weather outside is amazing: crisp and cold without being damp. Feels like home.

Of course, having a presentation tomorrow with only a CostGouger sandwich for company doesn’t help. At least I had the foresight to bring in a 250ml bottle of wine, some crisps and a pork pie too. What a feast next to my PowerPoint.

Despite yesterday’s Dragon’s-Den exercise falling somewhat flat (the Dragons ripped into 4 groups out of 5, and when it came to me the crit was directed at me as an individual: what really grated was the way she said she was ‘holding back’. What on earth for? I had creative directors practically dangle me out of windows when I was younger; nobody WBS can rope in is anywhere near capable of getting under my skin.) Midterms went fine, even the dodgy Accounting one. Combined with meeting a truly extraordinary person recently, I’m pretty much content tonight. Sometimes the best things in life are right under your nose.

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