Everybody’s down in the dumps

I mentioned to a lecturer yesterday that the MBA cohort is hard against it: I’m getting lots of messages with an undertone of exhaustion, lots of sob stories in the Facebook ‘Is’ box, half the class miserable and the whole of it weary with that deep-down fatigue you get from days without end.

He laughed, and said this continues to at least New Year.

MBAs have a reputation as being the hardest-working students in the University, and it’s well-deserved.

I’m suffering the fatigue too. I haven’t quite had the horrorshow 4am nights in the ‘grid some Syndicates are reporting, but then I’ve been ‘winging’ the reading a bit; probably covered less than 10% of the textbooks, surviving on my native wit and incisive mind (HA!) during assignments. And of course the writing parts are easier for me; most people here speak English as a second or third language.

But still – whoa, I’m tired, the kind of tired that isn’t scrubbed away by sleep. Got to stay awake and anchored in a high-energy state, just until the end of the big presentations this week.

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