Swimming in data

Database design isn’t really that difficult. All you need is the wisdom of Solomon, a photographic memory, a mind like a steel trap, and about a millennium of free time.

Which is why I’m at my desk at 11pm on a Sunday, and Mercy from down the corridor is amazed when she knocks on my door asking to borrow a textbook.

Well, I do have to do a BIT of paid work now and again here at Warwick U, and db specs are precisely the sort of thing I’m good at: that killer combination of detailed ideas and textual communication. Gathering data from different sources, hefting it around to grok its size and shape, seeing how different colours and textures of data might fit together, and how big the holes in the surface must be to allow all the pieces to fit together. Then telling someone how to do it.

The goal: that once all these pieces are in place, you can see the full story of the data in whatever summarised form you want just by looking across it from different angles.

And very soon, after about four hours of continuous thought, I’ll have condensed the output into a single email. Which with luck will earn me a couple of K later this month.

Time for a bath.

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