Stones awaaaaaaay

Dear me. Time Management this morning, Stress Management this afternoon. I’ve so little time for all this I’m getting stressed.

Stress Management Guy needs a ‘volunteer’, which in this MBA cohort tends to mean me, so up I go. There’s a jar of pebbles and ten rocks, each with something written on it: spirituality, relationships, career, money and so on. The exercise illustrates that you can’t get all the big important stuff into your ‘jar’ when there are lots of itty bitty things blocking it up.

OK, spirituality goes to the bottom of the jar; not into that crap. Relationships too, with a sideways glance at a certain individual in the third row. It’s already getting difficult to get the big rocks into the jar, so I try a bit more enthusiastically, twisting the rocks around and shaking the jar a bit to loosen up the pebbles.

Certain first-year physics principles dictate that the jar should tip over, scattering about a thousand pebbles over the lecture hall floor.

Well… you know me.

Of course, some wag notes that this method actually creates enough space in the jar to fit all my ‘big stuff’ in. I’m thinking laterally! I’m outside the box!

In fact, I’m so far outside the box, it’s kind of scary.

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