Diversity counts, as long as you’re not British

It’s the rankings time of year in the MBA world, and course administrators are emailing us for various biodata. Here’s something that stands out: anxious to appeal to the ‘diversity police’, one of the main rankers (which shall remain nameless, but think pink broadsheet) has placed ‘number of foreign students’ as a prime criterion. I quote: “the more international students we have, the more points we get.”

Now rankings in the league that matters (the top bit) are ridiculous at this level; the difference in quality between the top 50 MBA programmes in the world is a hairsbreadth and an attitude. But what the pink paper is implying here really grates: the fewer British students you have, the better your school is.

Is this really what Britain’s come to? So ashamed of its own heritage that even great media institutions have internalised the leftie dogma than any culture in the world is valid and wonderful, except the British?

These people will doubtless proudly chestbeat their Diversity Credentials, probably illustrated with the committee-approved photo of a female black person, female white person, and male Asian person laughing together against a sunlit sky. And of course, they’ll fail to realise that – like most politically-correct happytalkers – they themselves exemplify the very essence of racism: singling someone out as different because of their passport.


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