Velvet smooth

I’m all but sure that when it comes to seduction soundtracks, there hasn’t been anything in 40 years to equal Velvet Underground. I mean, next to ‘Loaded’, Barry White is the geeky kid with glasses who sits at the back of class.

Which makes it a pity I’m flying solo tonight; had a chance of dinner a deux or mixed volleyball and ended up flunking both over a deadline. (It’s really hard turning down a £600 a day rate, even when you’re supposed to be studying!!!) I just hope these guys appreciate what I gave up to supply them with 800 words of copy.

(I used to have a standing joke that my day rate, divided by the number of words I actually produced for it – frequently just a headline – made me higher paid by the word than Tom Clancy. That’s not a joke any more, not with £20K in tuition fees hanging over me.)

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