Now THERE’S a vivid thought

Operations Management class, 3pm today: “This pig farm I visited in Eastern Europe is among the largest in the world. They employ six people whose job is purely to inseminate female pigs!”

The class goes silent for a moment. I pipe up: “What – you mean, with equipment I hope?!”

The image in my mind at this moment is unbloggable.

(Even more muffled hilarity ensued when I tried to explain the verb ‘inseminate’ to the Greek guy sitting next to me with a few pelvic thrusts.)

One thought on “Now THERE’S a vivid thought

  1. Chris I got the point after the pelvic thrusts. :PPP

    Words like that which I come across for the first time in my life, can be understood a little better with using such explaining techniques 😛

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