Wine and MBAs don’t mix

I hate single-serving wine bottles. You know, the little 250ml thirds of a bottle people buy when they’re eating alone and want to be virtuous without going as far as abstinence.

In fact, 250ml bottles are the saddest objects in the world.

250ml bottles (basically, one glassful) signify that you’ve given up rebellion. That you’ve become sensible somehow, measured and thoughtful and worried about tomorrow. But as Tyler Durden said in ‘Fight Club’: “Self-improvement’s just masturbation. Self-destruction – now that’s masculine.”

Like most creatives, I’ve had a somewhat ambiguous relationship with alcohol over my working life, but to just appease social mores like this – well, that’s just ridiculous. Another quote, this time from Winston Churchill: “I have taken more from alcohol than it has taken from me.”

I’ve half a mind to glug another glass or three, citing my proven indestructibility. But indestructible doesn’t mean indefatigable, and let’s be honest here: sinking a bottle can’t be good when you’ve got 7 hours of lectures the next day. Maybe I can be good. For just this year.

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