How to be a great performance coach

As we enter class in the afternoon, the calm bald man watches us.

One by one, as we greet each other tramping down the stairs of the perfectly-designed lecture theatre, the indignancies ring out.

“Can you BELIEVE that fire drill this morning?”

“I was in the shower!”

“I was in my underwear!!”

“I had nothing AT ALL on underneath my coat!!!”

“Ha, I thought I vas seeing you but I didn’t have my contacts in so everyone vas just a mass of blurs!” (Yes, the v’s are deliberate.)

The bald man looks on, chatting occasionally, not obviously listening.

When the lecture starts, he greets us. Such is his presentational authority, the hall chimes with ‘Hello backs!”

His first sentence is, “So, how was the fire drill this morning?”

And, as he planned, there’s a chorus of “How did yooooouuu know???”

Of course, he doesn’t answer. Which is what natural authority’s all about.

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