Doctor Steel vs Max Fightmaster

Yes, there’s a real guy called Max Fightmaster. But in this hilarious list of macho men’s names, the ‘Doctor Steel’ gets my vote thanks to the copy: “Did you catch the last item on the list there? He’s on the team of guys whose job it is to blow up a fucking asteroid if it threatens the Earth.”?!!

The fear that unites us

At the crack of dawn on campus**, a scream of horror sweeps across the lawns. “my.wbs is down! My.wbs is down!

Early morning peace is shattered as a thousand laptops whirr into life and the discovery is repeated from Lakeside to Tocil, from Claycroft to is down! My.wbs is down!

Yes, the ultimate horror, our worst nightmare, has come to pass. No disaster planning could possibly have foreseen this. My.wbs – Warwick’s undeniably brilliant student intranet – has gone all 404 on us. This is awful.

The chorus of anguish continues its Mexican Wave around campus. “MY.WBS IS DOWN! MY.WBS IS DOWN!”

The website links all the ingredients of your degree – course materials, modules, assignments, grades, all sorted into your own study groups and subgroups – with an artful and pragmatic set of pages that put discussions, resources, and messages front and centre. Keep up with my.wbs, and you’re keeping up with the University. But this morning, my.wbs is gone.


How did Universities actually work before the web went mainstream? I mean, how did people support their MBA work with just coffeeshops and photocopies? The shared infrastructure of my.wbs is as important as the campus itself: it’s a community of knowledge, aggregated into a discrete entity so you can get a grip on it.

And this morning, it’s down.

From this day forward, 8th October 2007 shall be known as The Day the Servers Stopped.