I ain’t got noooo-bawdeeeee

9.21pm Friday, and I’m feeling out of sorts. Just finished two fairly important chunks of work, written a to-do for the weekend, got organised… but there’s no WAY I’m tackling that accounting assignment tonight. Which means I’ve got hours sort-of unoccupied until bed, and it’s a no-alcohol night, which means I can’t even buy a bottle of wine to celebrate the end of the first proper week of coursework.

Now, this is serious. Home alone without booze. What else can I do tonight? The trouble is I’m feeling a bit bloodyminded about it: subconsciously determined to spend the evening fuming about wasted opportunities.

I could do some laundry.

I could, but I’m not going to.

Similarly with late-night Tesco, Economics and Operations re-reading and pre-reading, and catching up with back issues of The Economist. Sometimes, even when you’ve got a neat 2-3 hour gap and your brain’s still capable of working, the contents of your skull just scream STOP at you and you’re incapable of doing anything productive.

Might stomp around campus when it gets to midnight.

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