Project Walk on the Wild Side

The project: work in a team of 9 to solve a business problem for a charity. And what a charity it is: a community centre used largely by *disadvantaged* families. One of those ambulance-at-the-bottom-of-the-cliff places, scooping up the bruised and bloodied chunks of flesh that the rat race left behind.

Those on the very bottom rung of society, who don’t have the energy to look for the rung above due to the sinister clink of needles and broken bottles beneath their feet.

Those who live in a world made of pain, where the choices are zero and the only noise is a shrill shriek of lost hope.

Though I walk in this world often, I rarely touch it, and almost never touch the people within it.

And for the next six months, I’m caring for their kids.

I don’t have a strong connection with the weak and desperate – or, as something of a societal Darwinist, much in the way of social conscience at all. So this project allocation is some way outside my experience. Furthest from my comfort zone. And lightyears distant from anything I’d actually want to do in the real world.

In short, it’s absolutely perfect.

Hey, this isn’t supposed to be fun, you know.

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