New Economist MBA rankings

The Warwick MBA programme is now 27th in the world, a great jump. Other gainers include the other schools I had offers from: Cranfield shoots up to No. 11 (it FELT like it was having ‘a moment’ during my visits there, a real sense of pride and anticipation) and Ashridge at 19 now it’s ‘normalised’ its somewhat idiosyncratic curriculum. At least that shows I’m not obsessed with rankings: I chose the school ranked lowest of the offers I got 🙂

After all, rankings just measure a set of objective criteria; they can’t give you that positive feel about a place that made me choose Warwick. Cranfield is a terrific school with a real drive for excellence, but do you really want to spend a year in the middle of a muddy field in Bedfordshire? And Ashridge – beautiful setting, wonderful architecture, great food, since it’s a management centre and not a University. But a feast for the senses would be too distracting when you’re trying to formulate a dissertation strategy. I’m happy to be here in Shakespeare country.

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