Teamwork? More like a lynch mob

First team-building day on the MBA course, where we’re put into groups and required to solve a task as a team. And it was… disastrous. Despite my group coming second of 8 teams.

You put ten people who don’t know each other into a room, many with similar skills, and ask them to organise into a clear project team and execute a project. OF COURSE it’s going to be a disaster; that’s the whole point. Learning by failure. Especially when the task itself is fairly simple, and the problem is of too many cooks, not an absence of brains.

So… the first, expected ‘bad’ day. But teamwork is a big part of what I’m here to do – to quote ‘Batman Begins’: “You know how to fight six men. We will teach you to engage six hundred.” So there’s a lot more of this stuff to suffer through.

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