Night over Nafplio

It's been a relaxing last 48 hours here: wandering the ancient streets at dawn, basking up on the fort in the midday sun, chilling with cocktails on the harbourfront, enjoying freshly-caught swordfish and shrimp in the evenings. With 15 archaeological sites, half a dozen long bus rides, and several 10km walks between villages clocked up, it's been a real holiday.

(1pm: club sandwich on the seafront, watching the board walkers, an hour of human theatre caught on camera.)

It's also a fitting climax to my recovery. Four months ago I was ready to put a bullet in my brain; I was so below my best that I barely scraped into the top 10% on the GMAT, terrible. Now someone else could pull the trigger for me and the round'd just bounce off. Indestructible again. What an ache its absence has been. For a brief time I was as vulnerable and weak as any normal human being: it was frightening. Humbling, too. None of us is truly invincible; I just make a better go of it than most.

(6pm: green apple and melon gelato at the ice cream shop next to the Hotel Othon, where they display the goods not in tubs but in huge heaped mountains stuck with fruit and flakes.)

And in barely more than a week I start my year as a student, leaving London behind for now. Becoming a landlord, leveraging an asset giving 7% ROI; with luck capital growth in the London property market will pay my tuition fees and I'll come out ahead.

(7pm: buying honey to take home, sweet jars of nectar with the combs still in them. To mix with simple Greek yoghurt when I get home, tangy bee-syrup cut by sour milkiness, the perfect breakfast.)

And realising what my goals are: the next client/company I join has to be a GROWTH one, venture-funded looking to be a billion-plus concern, not these fun-but-chaotic consultancies that've been the mainstay of my roster for four years. Real action, real money.

(8pm: seafood platter next to the town square, six kinds of fish grilled simply in olive oil with eggplant on the side.)

And secondly: to be international again. Zipping around the world setting up programmes and tweaking ROI to hike combined bottom lines from 30,000 feet. It sounds strange, but I miss airports. I really do.

So it's Athens tomorrow for a quick hop home, and then I start packing.

I'm back!