The agony and the arteries

Transport terminii are where you see a city's soul.

The bureacracy to navigate, the crowds, the undercurrent of uncertainty. They're also the best places to indulge my 'jason bourne' image: nobody knows who you are or what you're up to, whether you're adrift or purposeful. In a station, you can be whoever you want to be. Not a bad deal for an 11 euro ticket.

I've slept next to the sleepers in Asian railways, watched in fascination at the way Egyptians simply jump down onto tracks to reach other platforms, slumbered in Greyhound stations the breadth of the USA fending off those society left behind. Long distance stations, especially, mark off the paragraphs between different stages of life, much as this Greek odyssey is doing with mine.

Stations are cool.

They also allow you to write blogs that are TOTALLY UP THEMSELVES.

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