A redder shade of pale

I’ve realised I’m a sucker for a certain shade of red. Anything that comes in that colour, I’ve got to have it.

The colour is a sort of deep blood, like Bono’s Amex card. My journey into red started with Audi. They do an A3 in this colour, and every time I see one I have to bite my wallet in half to prevent me dashing down to the showroom and signing the deal.

Then of course I got the Amex card itself. Now, there’s a matching iPod, which means my decision to delay an ipod purchase lasted all of… three days.

Unfortunately, I’ve recently seen a laptop in this colour too, so I must take care NOT to pass Tottenham Ct Rd at any time this month. (Since I’m about to become a student my income is going to nosedive 80%, so even red WINE will be a restricted purchase.)

Amazingly for the modern world, I don’t have any loans or credit card balances – but I’ve a horrible feeling this is going to change. And all because of a certain shade of red. Help!

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