Working lunch: it’s all about crunch

After last night’s overboozing, a virtuous lunch was in order to shoehorn some vits back into my system. Every time I have a healthy lunch I wonder why I even bother with the sandwiches from the local gourmet counter, good as its stuffed ciabattas are: a couple of handfuls of raw veg – carrot batons, cucumber, sugarsnaps – and an assortment of dips are all I need. Really should have picked up some cherry tomatoes and spring onions, too.

The existential angst of being a kidult

The Sunday Times has a great piece on ‘kidults’ – people approaching (or over) 40, yet who maintain the carefree lifestyles of teenagers.

It bit, because I’m definitely in the ‘kidult’ category. At 36, I play computer games, enjoy the dating game, go drinking on school nights and go backpacking in summer. It all still feels naughty and natural. Irresponsible and fun. I can’t even do mid-life crises properly: when I tried to go over the edge, my brain just sproinged back into shape.

And of course, I’m going to University next month! I’m not even sure I’m staying stuck at 21: I may actually be going backwards. What will I do after my MBA? Return to High School or something?

That’s it. I’m going to try hard to shed my kidult image.

Right after I pick up my skateboard from the mender’s.