Weird film night

<a href="”>”Taxidermia&#8221; at the ICA. One of those arty ‘cultural’ films you’re not supposed to ‘get’.

Plot synopsis:

1. Nude girls in bath cause male orderly to ejaculate fire, having spent the previous hours kissing lit candles.
2. Male orderly makes love to disembowelled pig, thinking of employer’s fat wife.
3. Fat wife gives birth to baby with pig’s tail, which husband cuts off.
4. Pig baby grows up to be Hungarian speed-eating champion, capable of finishing 400 chocolate bars an hour (or 587 if he doesn’t take the foil off.)
5. Speed-eating champion is disappointed in son for not being hugely fat.
6. Son embalms human fetus and gorilla for no apparent purpose.
7. Speed-eating champion, now an old man so huge as to be immobile, gets eaten by his giant pet cats.
8. Son embalms father as art object, shortly before building and entering machine that does the same to himself.
9. Father and son become trendy art exhibit.

Now THAT’s what I call entertainment.

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