The Picture of Corian White

I love Corian, Du Pont’s solid surface. It’s a granite lookalike artificial material that, unlike granite, can be formed into seamless shapes and curves – including built-in sinks, draining boards, and splashbacks – that don’t need sealing and are practically maintenance-free: ultra-durable in colours that go all the way through.

I’ve just taken delivery of a shaped white shelf for my bathroom, cut to fit the corners of the space and sync with the sink, and it looks fantastic. (Thanks for the great service, Wharf Solid Surface.) And it’s so easy: all I had to supply was an accurate diagram, and a few days later the finished block arrives at my door. If I had the money, I’d have a whole house fitted out in this stuff.

Somehow, Corian seems to me the essence of Modernism, the only real architectural reality, against which all other architectural styles are simply a footnote. It’s artificial yet honest, a solid block of material without veneer or surface paint. It’s regular and geometric. It’s tough to a fault. And you can do almost anything with it, in any colour or shape. Corian is to interiors what good quality concrete is to exteriors. It’s not the rough charm of dry stone walls, but rather the seductive appeal of an iPod. It breathes design and technology. Beautiful.

My list of favourite building materials: concrete, steel, glass, and… Corian.

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