Islamic terrorists: figures of fun

What’s really interesting about Britain’s Islamist terrorists is how CRAP they are.

The 21/7 terrorists – a sad bunch of losers, slackers and wasters – cooked up bombs in their kitchen, then started whining when they COMPLETELY FAILED to go off. It’s not THAT hard to make something that goes boom; a simple petrol can would’ve done it, but no, they had to do it the same way as their ‘Muslim brothers’ in Palestine. All four of them failed dismally in their self-styled ‘martyrdom’, and were later reduced to standing around in their underpants blubbing about ‘messages’. What a bunch of tossers.

At Glasgow a few days ago, apparently the burning jeep didn’t make it through the doors because it was too wide. What, you’re a badass suicide bombing maniac Muslim and you don’t even check to see if your bomb fits through the gap? What kind of crap Jihadist are you?

The passenger is so badly burned his mobile phone has become attached to his body. Not only has he failed to destroy evidence, he’s actually made it easier to gather!(And let’s get this straight – a suicide bomber takes along a PASSENGER? What happens if you’re successful? Do you have to split the 72 virgins between both of you, or does the driver get the lion’s share? Or does Muslim heaven stretch to allowing MMF threesomes?)

The Tiger Tiger nightclub carbomb (another one that failed to go booooommmm) wasn’t even driven into the wall with a cry of Allah Akhbar. It was parked and the driver wandered off! Wow, that’ll get you brownie points, beardie. And the target – a nightclub? The threat to the Muslim world is… teenagers dancing? Wow, there’s a worthy target for your aspiring jihadist: girls in miniskirts.

Maniac Islamist terrorists are a global evil, a plague trying to bring about the total downfall of Western society. But … you’ve gotta laugh, haven’t you.

Americans often wonder why British people tend towards shrugs and indifference when it comes to these mad religionists, since we’re a small island and there’s more chance of being a victim. I think it’s just a national trait not to panic; we dealt with Irish terrorists for decades before today’s Islamists were knee-high to a Koran. Even on 7/7, when by some chance another bunch of losers happened to be successful, it was complete calm on the streets, people inconvenienced rather than terrified. These self-styled badasses aren’t scary in the slightest.

I’ll do the same as other Britons, and just continue laughing at ’em.

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