With one bound, Jack was free

Deep breath…. click the Submit button…. steady now… steeeeaaaaddy…..

OK, that’s it. I’ve just paid a multi-thousand pound sum to a business school, securing the MBA place I was offered. Ten weeks of studying for the pre-entrance GMAT, crisscrossing the country for Open Days, writing admissions essays and interviewing with faculty heads have all led up to this moment. And it’s only now dawning on me just how different my life over the next year is going to be.

In the next 14 months I’ll go from being someone who dropped out of school at 16, to someone with a postgraduate degree from a business school ranked in the top 1% worldwide, part of a famous university in the Russell Group (Britain’s Ivy League). Which I suppose begs the question: why now?

It’s an edge thing.

I’ve always lived on the edge; it’s possible to thrive there if you follow certain rules. I’m an edge person. An outrider. It can give you great freedom. But it’s harder work, because here on the edge you have to make your own infrastructure, use your own resources, nobody and nothing to hitch a ride from or give you a leg up. Hence the decision.

This course will hook me into something I’ve never had before: a network of high-quality, ready-made contacts and support services, the kind of people I’ve always had to hunt down individually over my years as an ‘outrider’. In a few years, when I hit 40, I’ll need that network around me, since my outriding abilities will start to – not fade, but perhaps be less important to me. This course is the gateway to true adulthood. And perhaps, respectability.

With one bound, Jack was free.

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