Just how much does it suck to be me?

I am greatly concerned that I will never have a relationship with a woman again.

My last proper date was in January, and like the four before it (dates, not months) contained zero expressed desire for future liason by the woman involved. I’ve been flying solo in all aspects of life the last two years or so, and too much time spent alone has caused my understanding of that basic male/female interactional grammar that leads to successful intimacy to melt away. Presenting an aura of worthwhile companionship now seems to be totally beyond my talents.

At 36, in excellent physical condition and not too bad looking (compared to, say, Rowan Atkinson) I should have women in the 28-32 demographic THROWING themselves at me. There is a surplus of over 30,000 single women over single men in this age group inside the M25. Instead, they throw UP at me. And these days I cannot even imagine talking to a woman ‘off the cuff’ in a wine bar; actually, I can’t even imagine going into a wine bar any more. What, exactly, is happening here? Am I becoming a recluse?

2007: undoubtedly the worst year of my life.