Junk mileage

Junk mileage is a triathlon term, used to describe the way many hobbyist multisporters just plough up and down the pool or head out spinning the cranks, believing performance stems from doing more rather than doing better. It’s why athletes have coaches: power, without direction, is of little use.

I think May pinned down the problem in my life: too much junk mileage.

My 1500m time hasn’t dipped below 25mins, because my pool training amounts to 60 lengths and no other pool-based conditioning. Yesterday’s GMAT score was identical to my score from cold on the first practice test. My 200th ad campaign wasn’t much better than my 100th. My income’s been static for years. What this means is – life’s come to a dead halt. And that’s probably what’s let the Black Dog out in such crushing ubiquity this year.

Maybe it’s a problem I’ll solve in the next year, if I decide to go ahead with an MBA: as a school dropout I’ve never had teachers or mentors, so I’ve always done everything myself and learned in the saddle. (It’s a great way to get things done, not necessarily a great way to learn the best way to do them.) Perhaps it’s time to start making use of experts, and give my life a theoretical underpinning on which I could build something bigger and stronger.


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