How NOT to ace the GMAT in 28 days: the verdict (680)

The figures are in. A disappointing 680, scored at 42Q/41V. In other words, I did a bit worse than expected on the Quant, and rather badly on the Verbal (I think it’s the first time my English performance has dipped below my maths!) But it’s enough to support exploratory applications to the top business schools (the average for the best UK schools is 660, and only a couple of the American ones have average class scores above 700.) So no real harm done, even if it means the last month of effort (cramped by the Black Dog) has added NOTHING AT ALL to my result.

(I got a 680 on the first GMAT practice test I took, from cold, before even deciding to enter for the exam. In other words, a solid month of sweating over textbooks and tests has only compensated for whatever the Black Dog has taken away. The evil creature has stolen a hundred points from me.)

‘If onlys’? I’d have signed up to a Kaplan course a few weeks back, and started exploring MBA schools in March, so I’d have two months rather than one to study for the GMAT. But life’s full of if onlys, and it’s not a big enough factor in life to be worth losing sleep over.

While the average result for the GMAT is just 540, that figure never represented the competition for me; I was gunning for a 750, getting into the One Percent club. As it is, just one more question right would have put me into the 90th percentile (today put me in the 89th.) So…. disappointing. But not disastrous.

What I’ve enjoyed about the last month, though, is the way taxing maths problems and gritty grammar keep your brain alert. So the GMAT’s not going away: I’ve decided to make it part of my life, doing ten questions a day to hone my problem-solving skills and sharpen my formal grammar, keeping an incisive edge on my decisionmaking game. Finally, thanks to everyone who’s commented or emailed on this blog. Bye!

3 thoughts on “How NOT to ace the GMAT in 28 days: the verdict (680)

  1. I know you are a little disappointed about not scoring more but congratulations anyway it's still a very respectable result.

    Best of luck with the applications.

  2. Anyway, it was a great job, you moved up for more than 100 points. And if you think of getting to top schools, you have another month to prepare for a new try, why not?

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