How to ace the GMAT in 28 days: mid-programme review

With 10 days of the programme left, it’s time to see how things are going.

The basic method – doing a practice paper, then reviewing what I got wrong the next day, and trying to learn one new thing that’ll stop me making ONE of those mistakes on the following test – seems to be working. It’s let me break down my GMAT study into a series of manageable subgoals and tasks with actions (i.e. ‘learn combinations and permutations’) that fit into less than a day.

The next 10 days I’ll make a change: switch from paper-based practice tests to computer-based tests that simulate the experience of the GMAT exam more closely. I’ll also be doing one a day instead of one every two days, trying to keep the question-answering structures in my head without allowing them to fade overnight. I expect to suffer a drop in performance at first; hope I can make it up before the 29th.

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