Lovin’ the alien

I’m not one for deceitful bagfuls of chemicals sloshing around in the brain, but there are a few women (about 1 every 12 or so dates) who seem to set my neural pathways alight with something Shakespearean in its intensity. Oddly, there’s one sign they share: all of them have a theme tune. It seems to play in my head whenever they’re around, whether I’m aware of it or not.

It happened tonight.

TMBGITW – a woman who used to work (possibly still does) for an ex-client of mine, was walking through Waterloo Station, on the arm of a guy. (Not, I might add, a good-looking one. The guy, not the girl.) At least, I think it was her. I noticed her above me on the steps walking into Waterloo Station in the late-rushhour crowds. She isn’t the type to walk hand-in-hand – I thought – but from behind it was the same gorgeously upholstered ass, same legs, same straw-blonde hair, same aquamarine scarf, same cracked red leather handbag. Somehow, it was definitely her.

Coincidentally, her theme tune’s ‘Waterloo Sunset’. And it started playing in my head before I even noticed her.

(Theme tunes in the past have included the ‘Akira Requiem’, Blue Man Group’s ‘Rods and Cones’, and Velvet Revolver’s ‘Fall to Pieces’. I am not proud.)

I’m no believer in ESP or any of the other crankpot fuzzy-thinking concoctions desperate to be convinced there’s something ‘out there’, but – there are senses beyond the five we know. And maybe we’ll find out more about them some day.

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