The secret of successful dealmaking

I’m thinking of taking up smoking.

The reason? Once again in the papers, a journalist described important deals being done in ‘smoke-filled rooms’.

I haven’t done any deals for a while, and it’s obviously because I’m not spending time in these rooms. In fact, the number of such rooms seems to be going down. Until recently they were often clearly marked in many office buildings.

If I take up smoking, I’ll have an excuse to visit the smoke-filled rooms, and get involved in important business deals.

Better still, if I fill my own rooms with smoke, perhaps some important people will visit and start doing deals in them!

Hmmmm…. I wonder if the gaggles of office workers taking ten-minute breaks outside most buildings in the City count as smoke-filled rooms at a pinch? Doubt it – these rooms are always described as being ‘darkened’ too.

The feeling of power this gives me could become addictive.

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