Getting shirty

It’s about time I had some decent dress shirts, and after a recommendation I had a fitting in January with English Cuts. I liked the company immediately from its website – the site is the owner’s blog! Thomas Mahon turned out to be an excellent bloke, friendly, honest, and no pressure to buy.

The first shirt’s since arrived, and it’s perfect – a good, solid material that just doesn’t stretch or look fragile, close stitching and detailing with folds of sumptuous Italian cotton herringboning over each other at the seams. Lots of little touches that make it special, such as blades and darts all over the place giving the shirt a proper 3D shape that you ‘wear’, rather than something flat that you wrap around yourself. From a distance, you’d easily mistake me for Pierce Brosnan in his first 007 films.*

As I always say (from now on, anyway): you can tell the character of a man, by the quality of his shirt.

Now it’s time to really go to town on the rest of my wardrobe – double-ply epaulettes, extra buttons, a pocket or two, lots of blades and darts, a pen pouch, different collars, fabrics…. what fun. And not badly priced either. Like a well-constructed suit, a really upmarket shirt is like armour, emphasising the male silhouette and protecting you from the sartorial vagaries of city life in a way no T shirt can.

Only problem now is I have to learn to tie a tie again…

*(Assuming the distance was at least 2km.)

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