Tesla gets things sparking

Whoooo! Tesla is taking orders again! This is the REAL way to reduce reliance on fossil fuels: make a car guys would actually want to buy.

I mean, 0-60mph in 4sec, a range of over 235mi, less than a penny a mile running costs, rechargeable from a wall socket, and just one moving part in its engine instead of over a hundred? The torque curve is practically flat, no troughs or spikes.

It’s all about simplicity. The brilliant engineering of internal combustion has kept an incredibly complex and inefficient power delivery system – pistons, cams, shafts, explosive fluids, timing systems – on the market for decades, thanks to there not being anything else that packs more punch. Tesla’s drivetrain reduces the engine and fuel to just 40kg of rotor and a large Li-Ion battery. And I bet the driving experience is pure, clean, unsullied. The roar of a engine replaced by the feel of the road. I’d take a guess Jeremy Clarkson would like this car: he’s not actually anti-environment, he just doesn’t want environmental concerns to interrupt his fun. And this car looks like fun.

I wonder if I should make a pact with myself: just not to buy a car again until this thing’s available on British shores? The company even sells a solar panel in the shape of a carport, so your emissions are ABSOLUTE ZERO.

Another interesting point is how the car’s positioned, far from Detroit. It’s been created and sold like a chunk of consumer electronics rather than a car. Integrated systems – like the PEM ‘operating system’ that controls everything – and solid-state hardware instead of pumps and pistons – means the car can finally become a consumer product, instead of a piece of heavy engineering that stinks out your garage.

The company’s yet another Elon Musk invention, who I know slightly through an industry newsletter I’ve written for. Founder of PayPal, head of SpaceX, founder of Tesla. What a guy.

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