Condi’s manoevrings

Hmmm. So US Intelligence head Negroponte shifts to the State Department. Could this be the first overt sign that Condi Rice is considering a presidential bid?

She’s a wily one, that Condi – her judgement is an impaired as any neocon, but her intelligence is off the scale and her resolve and self-discipline are equally sky-high. (I doubt her rumoured lesbianism is anything more than whispers. I mean, if you were a black woman who’d climbed so high in life, the average black American male isn’t exactly going to impress you, is he? Let’s face it, the choice is between dating Colin Powell or staying single.)

She’s never stated any interest in the Oval Office. But this makes me think she’s gathering power around her in order to go for the nomination. Lot of northeasterners in her department now, and don’t they hold meetings about this stuff in New Hampshire first?

Anyway, that’d be a real turnup in 2008: a waspish white (Hilary) for the rainbow’d Democrats, and the white-bread Republicans fielding a black woman as their candidate. What a contest that’d be.

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