Google’s not the competition, it’s the environment

Really enjoyed this article (thanks Paul, although not for posting the URL in the one part of my desktop where it can’t be clicked or copied – the intro line of MSN IM).

Quote: “Yahoo could add an extra $1.5B to their revenue overnight by conceding monetization to Google and becoming a distribution partner for Adwords, as Ask Jeeves did.”

We’re definitely in the Age of Google: search as the start page of the Internet I mean, when did you last bookmark a URL? I haven’t used my browser’s bookmarks list in years. I think I’ll enjoy it for now, because like IBM and Microsoft, the era has a certain natural length and in a decade or less something else will take over. But just in case, I’ll continue using Anonymizer and disabling cookies, so Google’s file on me won’t be quite as voluminous.

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