Scandal at La Scala

No doubt in my mind: Alagna is in the wrong. Tenors aren’t prima donnas. Even prima donnas shouldn’t behave like prima donnas. Not when people are paying up to £700 a ticket.

So Alagna’s Aida didn’t go down too well with a small section of the audience – let’s face it, the voice casting wasn’t perhaps the best. And they booed. A bit. Rude of them – a bit like letting your mobile phone go off during a performance – but it’s understandable at La Scala; this isn’t amateur night at the Karaoke Palace.

You’re before a live audience, damnit – your duty is to the whole audience, not to your own sense of dignity. If you don’t do so well (and he’d had a shaky start) it’s your job to battle through, not storm off in a fit. Alagna didn’t just moon his detractors; he disrespected the entire audience.

And now he’s suing La Scala for not ‘protecting’ him. Whatever happened to The Show Must Go On? A few years back he’d have had benches thrown at him. And nobody’s going to take the risk of booking him now. Alagna may not know it yet, but his career is over.