Heads up in a dream

Weird dream last night. I was in a room with a bunch of people and various animals, and there was only enough air left in the world for a few of us to live a normal lifetime. Some of us had to die. An oxygen tontine. The animals seemed equivalent to the humans; none talked but we knew they could.

I made a fist of it. Calcukating that the chickens used more than their fair share of air, twelve of them were poultry in moments amid much squawking.

And then I cut somebody’s head off!

It’s weird how your mind can construct the exact physical sensations of something it’s never experienced. I can still feel the pressure of the string I used to sever a guy’s head; there are even ribbons of pain on my hands now, somehow remembering the experiences of the dream. The guy’s head came off slowly, both of us yelling, and I can recall every second of it.

I usually have pretty interesting dreams, but where’d that come from? Nobody’s annoyed me that much recently. And the Red Queen was nowhere to be seen.

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