Dominos with a difference

Thinking about the post below gave me another idea. How about a new party game: Geopolitical Dominoes?

The idea: you start off by picking one of the world’s trouble spots (or potential spots) at random. The first player has to provide an explanation as to who, what, and why the conflict would start. (Countries could be graded on a ‘stability scale’ of 1 to 10.) For example, drawing Saudi Arabia, you might concoct a scenario where it throws in its chips with the Middle East rather than providing a bulwark-of-sorts between the Muslim world and the USA.

At each round, other players vote on whether the scenario is believable, and points are awarded for creativity of explanation and supporting documentation, such as names of incendiary clerics, princes, or politicians.

The next player has to continue the domino effect, guessing at and providing an explanation for what would happen next based on the scenario just accepted. I.e. if the whole Arab-Persian world formed an axis, Russia might conceivably fall in with them rather than the West – few people realise just how deeply hurt Russians are by no longer being at the centre of world power, and there are enough Muslims in Russia to make it a plausible leader.

And so the game goes on, the objective being to accumulate as many points as possible before players are in general agreement that World War III is now in progress. Geopolitics: gotta love it.

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