The travails of the middle-class white male

So! You’re a middle-class, taxpaying white male living in London. You’ve got a job, house, car and not too much on your credit cards. Think life’s pretty good, do you? Wake up, white boy. As a member of the social class that uncomplainingly pays for pretty much everything Blair’s government gorges and gushes into its bloated public sector according to whatever politically correct fashion trend is currently front page news, you are the most overtaxed, underloved, scapegoated, hard-done-by, put-upon person in Britain. Think about it.

Taxes. You’re not poor enough to claim any rebate or benefit; you’re not rich enough to have ways to avoid them. As a taxpayer, you are the class paying the highest percentage of your income to the Treasury. And because there are a lot of you, you’re the class that makes most difference to revenues if you get squeezed further. One extra percentage point out of the pocket of a middle-class white male is worth twenty times that out of all Britain’s ethnic minorities combined. Every new stealth tax that comes along, it’s aimed squarely at you.

Health. Despite the fact you pay for the health service, you get virtually no benefit from it. If you’ve got half a brain you’ll have private health insurance (actually, having half a brain would disqualify you from coverage, but let’s leave that) and statistically you are most likely to be paying it for your whole family. But there’s no rebate from Government for the honourable way you’ve reduced your family’s potential impact on the NHS. No thanks at all.

Crime? Ever since the police completed their gradual change from being protectors of the public to agents of the state, they’ve had to operate more like ministries than security forces – and that means budgets. Despite having the lowest rates of crime of almost any social group (only pensioners commit fewer crimes per head) you are responsible for pouring billions of pounds into your police force through speed cameras and fines, since not only are you the biggest car-owning class, but you usually pay your fines, because (unlike car thieves and insurance dodgers) you’ve got tax and insurance and it’s easier for them to find you if you don’t.

And as any white male knows, if you’re attacked by an ethnic minority person in a dark street and successfully fight back, calling the police is the worst possible thing you can do. You’ll tell the truth; your attacker won’t, because beating the system is so easy. All he’s got to do is accuse you of a racist remark and you’re history. You can, however, defend yourself against a white person with impunity; he’s likely to be a poor white male, and poor whites have all the disadvantages of poor ethnic minorities with none of the government support.

There were 58 racially-motivated murders in the UK in 2005 and 24 of them were against white people. The proportion is similar in the total number of race hate crimes, about 80-90,000 each. Even these figures – suggesting ethnic minorities (at 9% of the population) are eleven times more likely to commit a race crime than white people – almost certainly underestimates the real picture, since if a white guy murders a black guy, it’s automatically a race crime. It’s not the same if a black guy murders you. And race hate murders, of course, carry a sentencing guideline eight years higher. You are being penalised due to the colour of your skin, white boy. Isn’t race hate legislation supposed to stop that? It doesn’t.

Want to protest? Think again. You can’t protest; you are WHITE. A species fast becoming the oppressed majority, because, y’now, everything you do is wrong. You pay for everything, provide for everyone, keep the Treasury full and the economy beating. (A higher proportion of you are in employment than any other group.) But you’re still wrong. It’s fine to make fun of a hapless white Dad in the media; it’s sexist to make similar comments about a woman. Raucous young white males in the City are ‘overindulged’ or ‘overprivileged’; young single women without the sense to use a condom are a ‘disadvantaged group.’ An Islamic demo with placards including ‘BEHEAD those who insult Islam!’ is softly-softly investigated with the odd slap-on-wrist handed out; the Countryside Alliance heads to London for a peaceful environmental march and is greeted by 8,000 police and vanloads of riot gear. Middle-class white male, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO COMPLAIN.

And I wouldn’t want to complain, either.

If just somebody from outside this group … sometimes … thought about saying the words … thank you.

One thought on “The travails of the middle-class white male

  1. Sir, “ThankYou!” With this article you have made my day, seeing how I am just another “middle-class, poor, white-boy” in the United States. Your story fits us well here in the USA, just over the “pond.”

    Please feel free to POST anything on our yahoo Group site at the following link, regarding issues of “Freedom!” You are most welcome!

    Thanks Again,
    Dean A. Ayers
    Glenwood, Iowa 51534
    United States of America

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