Prague escort agencies

Dear me – been idly checking out things to do in Prague, and the number one nocturnal activity seems to be escort agencies. What’s wrong with architecture and restaurants? (On second thoughts, having eaten in the Czech Republic several times, let’s forget the restaurants.) But surfing around some of these establishments turned out to be hilarious. These are actual names of some Prague escort agencies:

Anal Servis – somehow reminded me of a hire car company
Blow Job Escorts (does what it says on the tin?)
Virgin Escort (run by Branson perhaps?! If not, I suspect it violates trade descriptions laws)
Barbie Escorts (maybe something to do with inflatable sex dolls)
Mercedes Escort Agency (big and solid and you can’t get the top off when you want to?)
Golden Girls (are they over 50 or something?)

And my personal favourite…

Escort Go Home

(It presumably means the escort girl visits your home, but…)

Digging deeper (I was hooked by then), the actual descriptions of agencies and girls are hilarious ‘Engliszh.’ Eg.

“Try to spend some time with her – you will be surprised!” (What, does she not turn up or something?)
“Weight 52kg, Breast Number: 2” (I’d have thought having two breasts was a minimum requirement, not a selling point)
“Do you want to spend night with slim lady with big breast?” (Ok, so they DO offer one-breasted girls)
“Here is a lady who offer nothing but sleep!” (well. I’m used to them dozing off, but still…)
“beautiful ladies who entertain you at your hotel, or even at your private!”
“our girls speak to you in all languages!” (great, I enjoy hearing ancient Assyrian)

Jeez, and I was only heading there for the 12th century architecture.

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