Ramadan rocks

Day 2 of the annual alcohol-free month.

It would’ve been easy to cheat this year, since spending August in Egypt cut my intake drastically… but my body would have known. And when your clients are divided between City consultancies and marketing agencies, booze is less a habit than a background buzz. It’s just always there, at any client dinner or friend’s party, and you don’t feel it eating away at your liver and lifespan. So mindful of the creeping damage wine can do to the body over decades, I try to have one complete week a month and one complete month a year without alcohol. This year it’s October.

In the coming days, I’ll notice a leap in energy levels and my awareness of the surroundings will be sharper. I’ll jump out of bed rather than stumble blindly to the shower each morning, and people will comment on the glow of my hair and skin as if I were a prizewinning Afghan hound. My 10km and 1500m times will drop by whole minutes. Dry throats and throbbing heads in the mornings will become a memory, and at work I’ll get through half as much again as in any ‘normal’ day with a glass or three at the end of it. I might even be functional before 10am.

All this virtuousness. It’s enough to drive you to drink.

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