Extemporising on Sunday

Reading that post below with the benefit of sobriety, I’m gratified that I don’t actually want to delete it; it was extemporaneous, after all, and coming out with *anything* that flows under those circumstances is worthy of note. I realise, however, I couldn’t have done it without a bottle of wine and three pints of the Polish beer that sponsored the event, and that’s a scary line to walk. Just right, and you’re confident and entertaining. Too little, or even the right amount in the wrong state of mind, and you’re just boring – or worse, an asshole. It’s easy to see why substance abuse is so common in showbusiness: drugs and booze are just too damn useful.

A client recently commented on how my fitness/healthy lifestyle routine squares with somewhat regular, if mild, intoxication. I can only quote from the great film ‘Fight Club’:

“Self improvement is masturbation. Self destruction – now that’s masculine.”

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