Muslims milking it for all it’s worth

The Islamic world is seeing how much more mileage it can extract from the Pope’s quoting of a medieaval text. Look, guys, what are you expecting the Catholic guy to say? That he agrees with you about the Jesus thing and that Mohammed is the true prophet? In my view, the Pope needs to take a stand: explain that while he wishes no harm to any Muslim, he believes the Islamic view of the world is wrong and that its sacred texts say some pretty nasty things, and let’s not have 20,000 strong demonstrations at every little quote or cartoon. Grow a thicker skin, dudes.

It’s a pity there’s no secular leader prepared to say the obvious truth: that all these guys are wrong, that we don’t need supernatural beings to explain the world, and that far more authoritative texts (in maths, chemistry, physics, biology) prove it beyond all reasonable doubt.

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