Schiphol, the airport that feels like one long corridor.

Decided what I’m really proud of this trip: my gear. Packed and planned everything that was useful and nothing that wasn’t. This little XDA has connected through GSM in the desert, GPRS in Egypt’s cities, Wifi in hotels, and now 3G in the Netherlands. It’s kept me in contact and on the web, just enough to matter. And I’ve taken over 400 photos with it, too.

Clothes: right again, lightweight travel pants with pockets and sportswear that dries in minutes and keeps me sweat-free in the heat of the summer. Add to these a few essentials – like my sheet sleeping bag, Leatherman tool and folding knife / fork / spoon set – and my gear has just never been a burden.

And I’ve decided now that I want another international role. International business and capital flows, the airborne infrastructure of skills and people, the intermeshed ideas and executions that drive economies. I just like being part of this stuff too much to let it go.

So: the ‘pump is going international again. Not just clients in other countries; I mean pan-regional accounts where I can affect decisions and strategy across borders, nation-states and languages. With some things, you just don’t realise how much you miss them until they stop for a while.

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