Hunger for knowledge

So I’m having a latte at the Library of Alexandria, looking out into the harbour where the Lighthouse at Pharos once stood – and that sounds so freakin’ hilarious I think I’ll just say it out loud, twice – and wondering why I’m not hungrier as I blog into my PDA’s thumbboard.

Dinner last night was the first meal in 30 hours; I haven’t eaten since then, and it’s now 7:30pm. Nor do I feel I want to, and after three weeks off the wine I’m not craving for a glass of the red stuff, either. I thought things would change once I hit the nice cool temperatures of Egypt’s north coast*, but they haven’t.

I wonder if the intensity of experiences I’ve had is substituting somehow? Maybe I’ll become a “fifth level Vegan” as in the Simpsons episode, eating “nothing that casts a shadow.”

Time for some fish. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it when I get there.

*34 degrees C.

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