Hunger for knowledge

So I’m having a latte at the Library of Alexandria, looking out into the harbour where the Lighthouse at Pharos once stood – and that sounds so freakin’ hilarious I think I’ll just say it out loud, twice – and wondering why I’m not hungrier as I blog into my PDA’s thumbboard.

Dinner last night was the first meal in 30 hours; I haven’t eaten since then, and it’s now 7:30pm. Nor do I feel I want to, and after three weeks off the wine I’m not craving for a glass of the red stuff, either. I thought things would change once I hit the nice cool temperatures of Egypt’s north coast*, but they haven’t.

I wonder if the intensity of experiences I’ve had is substituting somehow? Maybe I’ll become a “fifth level Vegan” as in the Simpsons episode, eating “nothing that casts a shadow.”

Time for some fish. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it when I get there.

*34 degrees C.

If I could just see…*

It strikes me as I fall asleep that I’m within of km of at least one, and am within a day’s travel of at least three more, Wonders of the Ancient World.

Not sure without googling if the Library at Alexandria was a wonder, but if so my hotel practically sits on its site, while the brilliant version 2.0 is a short walk along the seafront. A ride across the Med and I’d be sailing over the pile of rubble Formerly Known as the Colossus of Rhodes, or overland towards Iraq and I’d soon be in Babylon’s dusty garden memories. I can see into the harbour where the Lighthouse at Pharos once stood, and and of course I was galloping horses around the Pyramids a few experiences ago. It’s a nice thought to fall asleep to.

*Ref: Fleetwood Mac