Bahariyya blues

Bahariyya Oasis is turning into the first duff experience of my trip. It’s not *that* duff, just duff compared to everything else in the last two weeks. Galloping horses around the ‘mids and taking a slow boat up the Nile are hard acts to live up to.

First off, the at the hotel crowd isn’t gelling – a bunch of young international med students who don’t seem that interested in anything plus assorted others and couples. Second, the hotel isn’t exactly the Friendly Arms; these are the slowest-moving, least friendly people I’ve met in Egypt. Third, there’s no information on what times to gather for the 4wd’ing, so everyone’s milling around a lot. Not good.

Finally, there’s an unbelievably gorgeous Taiwanese girl of 26 here chaperoning her med student sister, who I chatted to for an hour on the mastaba verandah last night under the stars, with the slimline body of a hungry teen and all lustrous black hair and lips like strawberries. An hour of chatting, before she casually mentioned that she’s ‘married already’ and lives with her husband in central Taiwan. Gaaahhh. The desert oasis, a brief flowering of green hope before everything withers and dies in the emptiness, seems a particularly appropriate metaphor tonight.

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