Actually, ‘denial’ IS a river in…


Paris of the east, jewel of the Nile, city of a thousand stories!

Welcome back, adventurous spirit. I’ve missed you. You hid inside me so long. Watching. Waiting. And as I suck coffees black as the night and sweet as a virgin teen on the backstreets of downtown, in my first true solo pleasure trip in several years, I reflect on the city I landed in just twelve hours ago (with a hefty 2am bump before customs mayhem) yet which already feels familiar.

The heat. The traffic. The salesmen, whose brilliance has cost me $30 I didn’t expect to spend today (but got an experience, drinking tea on the floor of a basement fragrant oils shop for an hour sniffing and bargaining, worth far more.). The utter, utter chaos that somehow just works, the discombobulated parts ebbing and flowing and creating the emergent persistent pattern that is Cairo. I’m already jaywalking across four lanes of traffic without a second thought.

And of course, now the global village has truly arrived, I can blog about this from my PDA with roaming 3G. Brilliant.

One thought on “Actually, ‘denial’ IS a river in…

  1. Hey Chris,
    Poetry in motion – a melodic post indeed! Sounds to me though as if the danger you're seeking hasn't kicked in yet! I'll keep checking in to see how it's progressing!

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