There’s never been a better time to visit…

Oh great. I’ve just realised that not only am I heading for Egypt two weeks since nearby Israel and Lebanon started bombing the crap out of each other and two US generals and a British diplomat state publicly that Iraq’s sinking for civil war, but this week is also the 50th anniversary of the Suez crisis. Something tells me I’d better not pack my Union Jack shorts.

Doomsday for Domesday?

Hmmmmm… when I tried to look at the just-digitised Domesday Book site, I got a blank page with the single word ‘mango’. A overloaded web server… or, perhaps, a sad indictment of just how little value is left in the UK after eight years of the Blair government?

“We have conducted a full census of the United Kingdom, and concluded that the only item worth recording is a small piece of over-ripe tropical fruit in a Tower Hamlets branch of ASDA.”

Britain has a new oldest woman

I feel strangely happy reading about Britain’s new oldest woman. Annie Knight’s lived through three centuries; fought for women’s rights and was a suffragette. I’d guess from the lack of quotes that she’s not quite lucid, but if she’s still getting through a bowl of porridge every morning she’s probably got some energy left in her yet. I fully intend to be around in a century’s time if luck, health, and medical science smile on me; people like her are an inspiration. Good on you, Mrs Knight.