An Egypt packing list

Using a tribag just for triathlon is silly: the way these bags unfurl into a flat set of pockets and pouches is perfect for the world’s hot and dusty places. Not just multisport, but multipurpose, especially if you customise your packing with some ‘fitted luggage’ like a concertina’ing washbag selected to slot perfectly into the internal mesh pouch. Here’s my gear for a month in North Africa:

In the main bag:

– 1 pair trainers
– 1 pair deck shoes
– Towel
– Sheet sleeping bag
– Pillowcase
– Travel pillow
– DK Eyewitness Egypt guide
– Book, yet to be decided
– 40 brightly coloured pencils (gifts for kids)
– Sunglases
Repurposed wetsuit stuffsack containing:
– 2 sports shirts
– 2 pairs shorts
– 2 tough cotton shirts
– 2 pairs lightweight sports pants
– light stuffable jacket
– 4 pairs underwear
– 4 pairs socks
Eagle Creek hangup washbag containing:
– Toothbrush & toothpaste
– Mach 3 and blades
– E45 shower cream (doubles as shave gel)
– E45 facial cleanser
– E45 SPF30 sunblock
– E45 moisturiser (yes, I like E45 stuff)
– Tissues, wipes, cloth
– Medikit with tweezers, gauze, plasters, bandage, sewing kit, headache & stomach tablets, eyedrops, dental floss, cotton buds
– Matches
– Zipties
– String
– Elastic bands
– Mirror
– Travelwash for laundry
– Clothesline
– Collapsible coathanger
– Copy of passport & insurance
Watertight plastic lunchbox containing:
– Folding knife/fork/spoon
– Titanium travel kettle (doubles as mug)
A4 wallet containing:
– Blank paper (sometimes a PDA’s not big enough)
– 1 sheet card (backerboard)

And a paperback-sized hipsack containing:
– Passport
– Credit cards
– XDA Exec (phone, email, web, PDA)
– XDA headphones, charger, converter
– 10 sheets A4 paper, folded
– Pen and pencil
– Silva compass
– Leatherman Wave
– Maglite
– Keys
– Drivers license

… slung on a money belt containing:
– Cash.

Sounds a lot? Packed and zipped, all this gear fits a snug 50 x 34 x 25cm and weighs under 8kg. Just a couple of weeks to go…

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