Moby Memory: remember the name

Sometimes, just sometimes, you buy from a company and everything goes exactly right.

I’m looking to juice up my XDA Exec with enough storage for a month’s video, photos, and background music during my travels next month, and found what seems to be the only 4GB SD Card on the market at Moby Memory. 4GB! I can’t find anything above a gig on Tottenham Court Rd, and these guys are creating things the size of some hard disks. For less than £70 all in.

It arrived today – no mess, no fuss, just a recorded delivery to my office less than 24 hours after placing my order. What’s more, it’s a good product. I expected something with corners cut, like a 1GB card I already owned where I had to remove the write protection manually. (That means covering the gap with sellotape, a trick that’s worked since the days of cassette tape.) And that 1GB cost £40. But this 4GB from Moby is a genuinely decent bit of hardware, solid little writeprotect switch and none of the flimsy yoghurt-pot feel to it. My XDA read it without hassle, and they threw in a USB adapter so I can load it up from a PC too.

Oh, and human beings answer their phones if you call them.

In short: a very pleasant buying experience, and I’m about to order three more. Well done, Moby Memory. If you’re new on the block, you deserve every success.

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