Long and hard: the battle of libido

I’ve been suffering severe loss of libido for about two weeks now.

Despite the boobs on the Tube in the London heat and being newly single for the first time since 2001, I think my body’s in denial about female sexuality. Women seem more art object than sex object. I’m spending whole conversations with female friends without once glancing down from their faces. And in the evenings I’d rather have a cup of tea.

Not sure how to test this out – it’s psychological rather than physical I think, although obviously it’d be good to test this out (OTC Viagra? A bit of pornosurfing? What’s the usual remedy for problems like this?) What’s odd is how strangely comfortable it feels, as if you’d just shed a huge load, sorry I mean burden, and now it’s gone you realise what a hassle it was. Hmmm. I’m not so sure I want this to end just yet. It’s oddly refreshing.

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